Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Getting rid of white heads

Hello Beauties<3

Do you have this little annoying white heads that pop up from time to time and you don't know what they are or how to get rid of them?
I do, and i never use any special products to get rid of them. If you have sensitive skin or when touching your face it gets irritated easily, I would NOT recommend this. But if your not afraid to try different things then please keep reading!

What are white heads? ;  Whiteheads, also known as closed comedones, are follicles that are filled with the same material, but have only a microscopic opening to the skin surface. Since the air cannot reach the follicle, the material is not oxidized, and remains white

So when i see a white head which just looks like a white dot on your face, i wait until the white dot looks close to the top of my skin to get rid of it. Now they next thing i do may sound scary and looks like it hurts, it does not, because i hate pain!

Step 1. I take a sewing pin (and make sure it is PROPERLY disinfected, cleaning it with 90% alcohol works perfectly) 
Step 2. I then take the pin a carefully prick the top layer of my skin right on the white at creating a small opening for the white head to come out. (DON'T WORRY IT DOES NOT HURT)
Step 3. Then i lightly squeeze around the white head and squeeze until it comes out of the opening
Step 4. Taking clean disinfected tweezers and carfully take the white head off the area and your done!

Your skin will be red in the area you took the white head out of but in a couple hours it will be back to normal! Like i said, if you have sensitive skin or are afraid because your skin may react, I do NOT recommend this for you.

Flawless face routine

Hello Beauties<3

I wanted to do a flawless face blog post for you guys! I do have imperfections like freckles... which are extremely hard to cover up so i do my best!

Products used

Orlane Paris light smoothing moisturizer
Hard Candy face primer
Teint Idole Ultra - Buff 4 (C) + Maybelline fit me 225 (mixed)
Hard Candy glamoflauge concealer - light
Revlon color stay pressed powder - medium
MAC powder blush - Harmony (contour)
Le Femme blush - Golden Sunset & Golden rose

NYX lip liner - natural
GOSH darling 134 lipstick

I love Le Femme blushes, i will do a review post soon!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Products I regret buying

Hello Beauties<3
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So as November comes to an end, i wanted to do products i regret buying post just in case you were thinking of getting some of these!


Products pictured;

Micheal Todd Cosmetics (can't remember what this palette was called) -- but you could find it on his website. As you can see in the picture part of it broke... and i have barley used it?! and this ran for 50.00$?! The colors are pretty nice from a far but when swatched there was barley any pigment. and the blush was SUPER shimmer and very powdery. So this was a complete miss!

NYX Round Lipstick (Athena) -- So i got a bunch of NYX round lipsticks a while ago but just started to test this color out and it was not what i was expecting. It has a pearl finish and it comes off as a super light shimmery pink shade, which i do not care for in lipsticks, but maybe you do! It is still super creamy, but just not for me.

 ELF cream blush (heart breaker) -- I was really excited to try ELF's cream blush, because i rarely use cream blushes. But i was disappointed in the application. It has a weird "foam" like feeling, if that makes sense, and when i applied it and blended it as you can see in the picture chunks of product were left behind? weird. Pigmentation was good, but not a good cream blush.

Lancome mini eye shadow set -- Well theres not much to say since i couldn't even swatch them because there was no pigment!! I was expecting a lot from lancome and for the price i thought they would be amazing e/s. It comes with 2 matte colors (white/tan color and taupe brown) and 2 shimmer colors (pink and black) the only one that was OK was the pink shimmery one, but i would never use it. SO this was a miss

Annebelle Smudge Paint (Skyline) -- I thought this was going to be amazing! (I didn't purchase this, it was in my November Glymm Box) I tried to use it as an eye liner because thats one of the uses for this, but it barley showed its true color as it shows in a swatch. I was really hoping to love this because i love the blue color! It runs for 10.95$ but i would not go purchase another color!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Naked Palette Eye Look : FOTN

Hello Beauties <3

I know all of you either have or heard about the urban decay Naked Palette. I have finally jumped on the bandwagon. Yay? Well anyways, i love it and don't know how i lived without it. Even though i like more matte eye shadows i really do LOVE the shimmery eye shadows in this palette. I don't want to do a review since i am late jumping on the bandwagon, but if you do let me know in the comment box below.
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ANYWAYS, on to the Face of the night. (Sorry if my pictures don't justify the look, i forgot to take pictures in the beginning)

Products used

  1. Urban decay primer potion 
  2. With a flat shader brush i used SIN all of the lid
  3. Flip the brush around and take SIDECAR and blend that in on the outer have of the lid
  4. Then taking a fluffy brush mix both BUCK and NAKED and blend into the crease and the outer V
  5. Then take virin for your brow and inner corner of the eye
  6. Line your eye (i used MAC fluid line BlackTrack) and mascara click here for my favorite mascara combo > Favorite mascara combo 
  7. For the rest of my face  used 
  8. Foundation; Maybelline fit me 225 (too dark but i use my white color correcter from coastal scents) I also dislike this foundation but its all i had at the moment \
  9. Concealer; Hard candy Glamoflauge in light (under eyes to brighten)
  10. Setting powder; MUFF translucent
  11. Contour & blush; MAC Harmony and Hard candy smooth talker
  12. lips; GOSH darling 134 and NYX round lipstick Frappacino 

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Review: Orlane light smoothing cream

Hello Beauties<3

So recently i got a sample of the Orlane light smoothing cream in my November glymm box and i have been using it for the past 4 days.The sample was that i received was super tiny but has lasted me 4 days and i use it morning at night before my makeup.

Sample size
Full size

So what is this product? ; This exceptional product is adapted to the eye contour to rehabilitate the skin’s natural defense mechanisms to protect against wrinkles. It provides a dual anti-wrinkle action that acts deep down where wrinkles begin, and on the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The eye contour immediately appears smoother and more structured, and the face is left with a more youthful expression.

What it does? ; Stimulates cellular energy, regenerates, smooths, firms, and moisturizes (B21 Bio-Energic Plant-Based Complex). Instantly smooths (Plant tensor). Reprograms the skin’s anti-wrinkle memory, helps fine lines and wrinkles to disappear

Now, i haven't used this product long enough to say it helps fine lines and wrinkles disappear and i don't have wrinkles so i couldn't comment on that aspect, BUT I would never spend more than 20.00$ on a moisturizer, but after trying this, my skin feels so smooth and refreshed and brightens up my face, there is a slight scent but it is a nice refreshing scent i find. For a 50ml jar of this product goes for around 80.00$, yes extremely pricey, but i think i may cave and spend the 80$ cause its just that good!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Gold smokey eye

Hello Beauties<3

I love this eye makeup look i did for my sister, it can be worn with anything! Very versatile. Read below for steps to re-create this look

Steps to re-create this eye look

  1.  Eye shadow primer (UD Primer potion)
  2. Using a fluffy blending brush add a soft brown shadow into the crease and blend (MAC soft brown or Coastal Scents M16)
  3. Use a flat shader brush and pack on a soft gold shadow on the inner half of the lids (Coastal Scents S29 & S03 together)
  4. Using a pencil brush in the inner corners apply a highlight color (Naked by UD)
  5. Using a blending brush apply a matte brown and soft black on the outer V and blend up in the crease and into the soft gold shadow creating a "smokey" effect (MAC Espresso & 39 soft black shadow from the body shop)
  6. Go back with your fluffy blending brush and the soft brown shadow and blend, blend, blend out harsh lines
  7. Add a highlight on your brow bone (Naked by UD)
  8. Line your eye with black eye liner
  9. add mascara and/or false eye lashes
 If you re-create this look send me pictures, i would love to see!!

Review: sun labs self tanning lotion

Hello beauties<3

I am sure everyone has seen or heard about these self tanning lotions either on blog spot or on youtube, but i thought i would share my experience anyways... I purchased the one in "medium" because i am super pale and it is winter so i did not want to look overly tanned.

I have been using this cloth to apply the tanning lotion instead of gloves

No it does not color you this color
I am normally ghostly white so there is a huge difference!

This is by far the best tanning lotion i have come across, even spray tans can't compete, this lotion leaves you tanned not orange. It lasts about 4 days even with showering and using soap, but i do apply after having a shower so this bottle probably wont last me too long! It doesn't have that "self tan" smell, but once it drys it does smell a little, but nothing too bad! It runs for about 18.00$ for an 8 ounce bottle, but if you click here it will take you to sun labs website and you can get combo packs at a great deal! OR look on amazon for some good deals (where i bought mine) The exfoliant that is green looking gel smells a little like tea tree oil, but does do an excellent job creating a smooth application when applying your self tanning lotion. 


Favortie Mascara Combo

Hello Beauties<3

So I wanted to fill you guys in on my favorite mascara combo, because i layer my mascara's. No you do not need to spend 25.00$ on a high end mascara to get full, thick, voluminous lashes!
Here are pictures of my favorite mascaras of all time & before and after pictures of my eye lashes

Both in blackest black



I love these mascaras. Both are a wet formula which i like because i feel that you can layer better. They have a slight scent but nothing overpowering. I found at target and Wal-mart you can get them both for around 5-6$ depending on where you live. Can you say affordable?

Monday, 21 November 2011

November Glymm Box

Hello beauties<3

Some of you may be wondering what is a "Gymm Box" well it is just like birchbox but better in my opinion. It is a monthly subscription 10$ a month and you get beauty/hair/facial/nail samples but In my opinion these are by far the best samples in any of the monthly boxes i've had. One complaint i've heard is that they only ship in Canada (where i live) so that is a downside for American and worldwide buyers. BUT they have said they are in the process of getting international shipping so yay for international buyers!
Click here for there website.

Here are some pictures of me opening the box which is GORGEOUS packaging.

I do want to try out each product before i do a review on each but here is what i got

Lise Watier; Flash lift Radiance Vial (sample size) *Full size price: 1ml per vile 27.00$ for 7
Rahua (RA-WA); Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner (sample size) *full size price 32.00$ - 34.00$
Orlane Paris; Light smoothing cream (sample size) *full size price 80.00$
RGB; Designer Nail Lacquer color MINK (full size) *price 18.00$
Annebelle; Smudge Paint color SKYLINE (full size) *price 10.95
Brown; 3 10$ gift cards
*Glymm Box Jelly beans*  

review: z palette

Hello Beauties<3

I was so excited when i finally got this, no lie, best palette ever!
It has a lot of room for every brand of eye shadow or blush/bronzer you have DE-poted. I am not sure as to how many MAC eye shadow's it could fit but it is a "must have palette" Worried about your eye shadows falling out? no need, z-palette comes with a magnetic background so all your eye shadows should stick =) 
when z palette was having there 10 % off plus another 10 % off I HAD to get one, wish i picked up the pro palette (that will be my next purchase) Here are some pictures of the leopard print palette i chose.

If you "like" their Facebook fan page you will get a discount code for 10% off!! 
click here for facebook link

Thursday, 17 November 2011


I recently went to Bellingham, WA United States and bought a few random things from target and Walmart i also picked up my packages i had ordered last week so i was super excited!

What i got 

HUGE pack of Q-tips
Cosmetic triangle sponges
Conair Sectioning clips
Conair wide tooth comb
Aussie 3 minute miracle *heard great reviews*
Maybelline falsies "flared" in blackest black
Maybelline Colossal in Black *hate the smell,but love the formula*
Cheetah Print Z-Palette *SERIOUSLY OBSESSED* 
*not pictured, but will do a post*
 coastal scents eye shadow haul / 2 brushes

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

elf studio brush review

Hello beauties<3

I have been using elf's studio brushes for a while now so my opinion i believe is fair!
I have the Blush Brush,Powder brush,Stippling Brush,and Complexion Brush

From left to right --- Stippling brush, Powder brush, Complexion Brush, Blush brush
I also have the face kabuki brush

Face Kabuki

Most are good, such as my favorite for applying liquid foundation is the flat top powder brush. I'd say if you are on a budget get this brush (3$). The blush brush is small and i have used it for contouring but its not the best. the complexion brush i have used for blush but again not the best. the stippling brush is the worst out of all. I have used it for foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighting, but the only way i can use it and it works would be applying my translucent powder after foundation. All of the studio brushes run for 3.00$ a good value for soft brushes that don't shed from my experience. The kabuki face brush is so soft and i love to use it for travel and to apply powder with. this brush runs for 5.00$

you can buy elf products here


Sunday, 13 November 2011

favorite lipstick combo

Hello Beauties <3

I was at home bored and i was playing with make up (of course) and thought i would try 2 lipsticks together! and BAM! LOL my new favorite lipstick combo came to be.

GOSH UK Cosmetics "Darling" & FIG from NYX

My bathroom light is washing the color out a bit but GORGEOUS
These two paired together make the perfect lip color for any eye look whether it you do a smokey to dramatic colored shadow eye. A dupe for both would be Mac Viva Glam Gaga II and Mac Viva Glam Cyndi.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

self tanner review : nuxe soleil prodigieux

Hello beauties <3

I am getting back into self tanning since my surgery, but only my top have because of the stitches on my leg can not have strong creams or lotions as of right now. But i have tried a few and this one is NOT my favorite

I received a sample in one of my orders and decided to try it.

About the Product  (From the company)
Get all-over sun-kissed skin with the NUXE Soleil Prodigieux Self-Tanning Body Lotion. Suitable for all skin-types, this self-tanner gradually delivers a natural-looking tan while giving you instant moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. Micro-pearlizers transform dull skin into a healthy glow, while natural flower extracts lock in moisture for a long-lasting tan and keep your skin looking young and deliciously iridescent
Do i think it gives you an all over natural tan? No. It is a nice consistency but nothing else is great. The smell is AWFUL. Worst self tanner smell i have had, and i use to spray tan a lot and this can't even compare. I would recommend gloves but i didn't when testing this out. When applying it was thick and hard to blend, so blend fast it drys super fast. (i guess that is a plus for this product) It also washes of super easy, so it is not long lasting at all. For a full size it runs around 34.00$ (Not worth it)

Suggest a self tanner below =)

nyx cream blush review

Hello beauties <3

I recently purchased these cream blushes from NYX cosmetics but have never got the chance to wear them and test them out. But as of recent i have and i am quite impressed.

Keep reading for pictures and review...

Hot Pink & Tea Rose
The Swatch of the "Hot Pink" does not do justice here

I love hot pink, but on my fair skin tone it is a little much so i use this on clients who have a darker complexion and it looks amazing. Tea rose is not a "rose" color at all, it may have a pink undertone but i find it super dark but LOVE the color as well. They are super creamy and pigmented. After i swatched these and they had maybe a minute to dry i swiped my finger over them and there was no smudge!!! I use these under a powder and the staying power is GREAT.

Have you tried NYX cream blushes?

Friday, 11 November 2011

xoBrunetteBarbie on Youtube GIVEAWAY !

Hello Beauties<3 

Want a chance to win something awsome?!

I absolutely love her and she is gorgeous and the sweetest person so why not show her support and subscribe and enter?

Enter her giveaway for a chance to win

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

AndreasChoice Inspired Hair

Hello beauty followers. I was inspired by Andreas Choice on you tube by her heat-less curls with bobby pins.

Watch Her Video here

After i saw this i got inspired to try on my sister



Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fresh Face look

Hey makeup lovers, this is my sister who loves being my model. This look is simple
and very natural -- since she was just going to her high school football game.

Peachy gold eye soft pink cheeks nude lip

Products used


Palladio Face primer
Revlon Color stay 150 buff / mixed Revlon photo finish #3 shell
Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer light
Le femme blush Amber 


Nyx HD eye shadow primer
sleek au natural palette
peach e/s (lid)
gold/champagne e/s (inner corners)
Maybelline falsies mascara black drama


Soft brown mac e/s



Monday, 7 November 2011

Let's get NUDE

Nude lipsticks are my fav... 
& today i got a super nude lipstick from GOSH UK  (click here to buy gosh cosmetics)
a cosmetic company in Europe. I have heard great reviews on this nude lipstick
so i had to have it. It was 8 pounds converted into USD is around 18.00$ 3 weeks ago
a little pricey, but worth it so far ;)
Super sleek packaging

I am comparing it to another fab nude color but the maybelline nude is more a lip tone compared to skin tone nude. 

Left--Maybelline"Warm me up" Right--GOSH "Darling 134"


My skin tone is fair right now so i would wear a color gloss over this nude, but i absolutely love it. It is not drying but not too creamy.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Sleek Make up Palettes

I recently got these and after 2 days of playing with the colors i absolutely LOVE these palettes. They are VERY PIGMENTED and not chalky. The two palettes that i chose to be my favorites so far is the Au Naturel i-Divine and the Original i-Divine Palette. (If you want swatches please let me know in the comment box)


au naturel i divine
Original i-divine