Wednesday, 5 October 2011

leave in conditioner: milkshake whipped cream

Hello!!! So you are probably wondering what i am reviewing! Well it is a Leave in conditioner!

I came apon this about 8 months ago and it is seriously my HOLLY GRAIL! It is a MUST HAVE for every hair type. First off it smells AMAZINGLY YUMMY. Its like a butterscotch sweet smell. yum? Second it comes out like actual whip cream!!! So fun right? and a little goes a long way!
I put a dollop of this in my hand and work it in to my hair starting from the ends to the top, making sure most is applied at my ends. This makes my hair so soft and smooth and smells amazing.

One bad thing is if you use to much your roots can look greasy! so a little goes a long way!

I am not sure as to where you can get this anymore because i recently found that the website i use to order this from does not stock it anymore.

The founders are a Father and daughter in the UK. How cute is that?
If i find another website i will be sure to post it! but the US does have a facebook fan page that you can Like and maybe your salons carry it.

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