Monday, 23 January 2012

Guest Blogger : Finding True Beauty During Cancer Treatments

Hello beauties <3

Hi everyone!!! i have been MIA for so long in the blogging world =( I have been super busy, I just got a new job so i have been working full time and haven't got the chance to post anything!! BUT i have exciting news that you may be interested in reading below!! A guest blogger!!! Her name is Jakie Clark, and she contacted me via email and asked me if i would host her post and of course this subject is dear to my heart so PLEASE read below <3

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Pigments + Reflects Swatches & Review

Hello Beauties<3

Hi again!!! So i have had these pigments and reflects for over 2 weeks now, but i have been waiting for my jars and label printer so i could do this post! Pictures and swatches + review is below!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT; aquarius mica, midnight blue, glimmer beige, copper glitter, copper reflects, gold reflects *LOVE*

Copper reflects, Gold reflects

Glimmer beige, Glitter copper

Aquarius mica, midnight blue
So i am in love with all pigments and glitter and reflects, they have a soft texture and glide on nicely and are easy to blend. The difference between the glitter and reflects is the glitter is more pigmented and more of a "shadow" type pigment as for the reflects that are just a gorgeous glitter/sparkle pigment. As for my favorite, i would have to say gold reflects and midnight blue, as well as glimmer beige, but i will talk about that in a sec. 

Gold reflects is your standard gold sparkle glitter, but i love how just applying a touch on your lid will give you a gold sheen and glow when the light hits, but when applied more it stands out and glistens and i just love it! 
Midnight blue is not your standard dark blue as the name describes, it is a gorgeous purple undertone soft darker blue that is perfect for creating a blue smokey eye and adding this in the mid section of your lid and blending creates a nice gradient effect! LOVE.
  Glimmer beige, is so gorge. and it reminds me a lot like "half baked" by urban decay, so if you have "half baked" no need to get this one, even though it is so pretty. I do have half baked but i will be using this as well because come on look at it! LOL.

Aquarius mica, this is a very pretty green shimmer pigment. i haven't had a chance to use it yet but swatched is beautiful! So i can't wait =)
Glitter copper, is such a pretty pigment. it has lots of shimmer, hence the name, but applies so beautifully, and swatched again is gorgeous!
Copper reflects, does the same job as gold reflects, on the lid is just gorgeous *how many times could i say gorgeous in a post* 

I will be getting more of course*
What are your thoughts on these pigments?! Leave a comment below

Sunday, 8 January 2012

New years sparkle

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Here is a makeup look i did for my friend for new years. Products will be listed below.
Thank you for reading <3

*These pictures were taken with my blackberry phone so i am sorry if they are not the greatest pictures*

 Products used

Too faced eye shadow insurance primer
MAC brule e/s 
CS blue shimmer e/s 
TKB midnight blue pigment 
BH cosmetics grey taupe e/s
MUFE glitter Sliver #2 
MAC black track fluid line Black gel liner
Ardel 105 lashes
duo adhesive glue

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Dying my luxy hair extensions

Hello Beauties<3

So if you follow me on twitter (@BEAUTYCJANINE ) then you may have seen me tweet that my boyfriend got me luxy hair extensions (160g set) for Christmas. I was super happy because my old extensions were fried and not useable! I told him long before that i wanted luxy hair extensions and i was going to purchases them in Dark brown, so that is what color he got me, but my hair is super dark brown and may look like a soft black in pictures but its still brown, so i bought my favorite box dye of the moment and here is how they turned out.

The lighting in the bathroom is off, but this is dark brown *Before*

What i used;

Loreal sublime mousse in #30 Pure Darkest brown
Latex gloves
hair salon hair dye bowl *from sallys*
Macadamia deep repair hair mask
KQC thermal heat protectant

I then just pumped out the mouse into my hand and lathered each extension weft -- and there is more than enough dying product to finish all wefts. once i finished all wefts i then put them into the bowl and let them sit for 50 minutes. It says on the box 35 minutes but since its a box dye i have noticed extra time is needed! 

Once 50 minutes passed i rinsed them with luke warm water until the water became clear and then used my macadamia deep repair mask to condition them (left for 7 minutes). -- i used the macadamia deep repair mask because extensions need a lot of moisture and care to keep them healthy and since i was dying them which will dry them out even more i felt a deep condition was necessary.

I then towel dried them and layed them out on a towel and combed through them so there were no knots.*Using a comb is less harsh them a brush* and i sprayed each weft with heat protectant.

I let them dry over night and straightened them in the morning! This next picture is what they look like after.

They now match my hair perfectly

Thank you for reading <3

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Proactive Green tea Moisturizer

Hello Beauties<3

I have another product review for you guys!! I got this moisturizer for Christmas because i have been dying to find a new moisturizer that is light but is still very moisturizing. 

I have normal type skin, but it can get dry in the winter so i wanted to find a moisturizer that i could use all year round but not too heavy for the times i don't have dry spots. Since i received this from my parents I have fallen in love with this product and i think i will be using it till a new favorite one ups this one! It does help with acne, which i don't have, but for whom ever is looking for a good moisturizer this should help! Also i wanted a moisturizer that i could wear under my makeup but doesn't affect the products i put on after and so far i love it!

Product description from proactive; 
Intensely hydrating moisturizer addresses the dryness that is sometimes associated with acne medications. 

Created by Drs. Rodan and Fields specifically for acne-prone skin—dry, oily or mixed.
Addresses the dryness that is sometimes associated with acne medications
It is rich in minerals and botanicals (including extracts of green tea, iris and macadamia nut) to help your complexion retain moisture and regulate oil.
Put it on at night and wake up to skin that is unbelievably soft and supple
Wear invisibly at any time—alone or under makeup.
It feels feather-light and non-greasy on your skin.
Oil free and non-comedogenic.

What is your favorite holly grail moisturizer?!

I love the packaging, very sanitary. I also like the consistency of this because i does not feel heavy, but still feels refreshing and moisturizing. I believe my mom got 2 for 20.00$ in the large size tube and i think they go for 18.00$ for one large size! Before buying straight from proactive try amazon or ebay!! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

HAUL Featuring MAC & Sephora & Mirabella

Hello beauties<3

I have been MIA from the blogging world, because over the holidays I have been super busy with family and everything! But I'm back and i went SHOPPING!
I just came back from the mall from shopping at MAC and Sephora and a couple of things i recently got but never blogged about! So pictures below!



Victoria Secret RED pants <3 *Had to throw these babies in*


  • MAC e/s Brule, Soft Brown, Espresso, Carbon *pro refill*
  • MAC powder blush Dame *pro refill*
  • MAC Lipstick Rebel, Creme d' nude, Ruby Woo
  • MAC bronzing powder Matte Bronze
  • MAC eye kohl Smolder 
  • Urban Decay All nighter setting spray *4 oz*
  • Sephora Cream Lip stain Always Red 
  • Mirabella Highlight powder *can't remember name/ I will review*
  • Mirabella eye liner Black