Thursday, 5 January 2012

Proactive Green tea Moisturizer

Hello Beauties<3

I have another product review for you guys!! I got this moisturizer for Christmas because i have been dying to find a new moisturizer that is light but is still very moisturizing. 

I have normal type skin, but it can get dry in the winter so i wanted to find a moisturizer that i could use all year round but not too heavy for the times i don't have dry spots. Since i received this from my parents I have fallen in love with this product and i think i will be using it till a new favorite one ups this one! It does help with acne, which i don't have, but for whom ever is looking for a good moisturizer this should help! Also i wanted a moisturizer that i could wear under my makeup but doesn't affect the products i put on after and so far i love it!

Product description from proactive; 
Intensely hydrating moisturizer addresses the dryness that is sometimes associated with acne medications. 

Created by Drs. Rodan and Fields specifically for acne-prone skin—dry, oily or mixed.
Addresses the dryness that is sometimes associated with acne medications
It is rich in minerals and botanicals (including extracts of green tea, iris and macadamia nut) to help your complexion retain moisture and regulate oil.
Put it on at night and wake up to skin that is unbelievably soft and supple
Wear invisibly at any time—alone or under makeup.
It feels feather-light and non-greasy on your skin.
Oil free and non-comedogenic.

What is your favorite holly grail moisturizer?!

I love the packaging, very sanitary. I also like the consistency of this because i does not feel heavy, but still feels refreshing and moisturizing. I believe my mom got 2 for 20.00$ in the large size tube and i think they go for 18.00$ for one large size! Before buying straight from proactive try amazon or ebay!! 

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