Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Pigments + Reflects Swatches & Review

Hello Beauties<3

Hi again!!! So i have had these pigments and reflects for over 2 weeks now, but i have been waiting for my jars and label printer so i could do this post! Pictures and swatches + review is below!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT; aquarius mica, midnight blue, glimmer beige, copper glitter, copper reflects, gold reflects *LOVE*

Copper reflects, Gold reflects

Glimmer beige, Glitter copper

Aquarius mica, midnight blue
So i am in love with all pigments and glitter and reflects, they have a soft texture and glide on nicely and are easy to blend. The difference between the glitter and reflects is the glitter is more pigmented and more of a "shadow" type pigment as for the reflects that are just a gorgeous glitter/sparkle pigment. As for my favorite, i would have to say gold reflects and midnight blue, as well as glimmer beige, but i will talk about that in a sec. 

Gold reflects is your standard gold sparkle glitter, but i love how just applying a touch on your lid will give you a gold sheen and glow when the light hits, but when applied more it stands out and glistens and i just love it! 
Midnight blue is not your standard dark blue as the name describes, it is a gorgeous purple undertone soft darker blue that is perfect for creating a blue smokey eye and adding this in the mid section of your lid and blending creates a nice gradient effect! LOVE.
  Glimmer beige, is so gorge. and it reminds me a lot like "half baked" by urban decay, so if you have "half baked" no need to get this one, even though it is so pretty. I do have half baked but i will be using this as well because come on look at it! LOL.

Aquarius mica, this is a very pretty green shimmer pigment. i haven't had a chance to use it yet but swatched is beautiful! So i can't wait =)
Glitter copper, is such a pretty pigment. it has lots of shimmer, hence the name, but applies so beautifully, and swatched again is gorgeous!
Copper reflects, does the same job as gold reflects, on the lid is just gorgeous *how many times could i say gorgeous in a post* 

I will be getting more of course*
What are your thoughts on these pigments?! Leave a comment below


  1. Pretty, pretty! I think Midnight blue is divine! I try and stay away from the glitter chunks in Copper and gold reflects. I always get them in my eyes.


  2. Really?!?! You should try these reflects because i never have had that problem !

  3. Gorgeous pigments. I need to get my hands on the glimmer beige, copper glitter, copper reflects, gold reflects. They are so pretty. Love your blog!!

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