Monday, 23 January 2012

Guest Blogger : Finding True Beauty During Cancer Treatments

Hello beauties <3

Hi everyone!!! i have been MIA for so long in the blogging world =( I have been super busy, I just got a new job so i have been working full time and haven't got the chance to post anything!! BUT i have exciting news that you may be interested in reading below!! A guest blogger!!! Her name is Jakie Clark, and she contacted me via email and asked me if i would host her post and of course this subject is dear to my heart so PLEASE read below <3

Finding True Beauty During Cancer Treatments

Women tell their daughters all the time that their inner beauty is what is most important. Yet when faced with a cancer diagnosis like lymphoma, mesothelioma or leukemia, and all that treatment will do to her appearance, a woman may struggle to remember what true beauty means.

Yet many women that are dealing with cancer are never more beautiful to those around them. The cancer, although it may temporarily strip a woman of her outer beauty, will magnify the beauty within. Friends and family will admire the positive attitude, courage and cheerfulness that many women will display when facing the battle of their lives.

Yet for a cancer patient, it can be hard to feel beautiful when she may look in the mirror and see an ill-looking woman whose hair is falling out. A woman who worked very hard to stay healthy and beautiful may feel betrayed by her body when she develops cancer due to exposure to asbestos, pesticides or other carcinogens. Instead of making appointments at the spa, salon or with her personal trainer, a cancer patient will begin to make appointments with doctors. Rather than reading fashion magazines, a cancer patient will begin reading medical reports and pamphlets, hoping for a good prognosis.

Adding to all the stress of a cancer diagnosis, treatments like radiation and chemotherapy can cause weariness or even exhaustion. Women may find it difficult to find enthusiasm and energy for even basic hygiene, much less make-up and stylish clothing.  

However, a woman will be mentally healthier if she can find the energy to discover at least one thing that will make her feel pretty during this difficult time. Some women may even create a signature style during the treatment period, becoming "the lady who always wears purple headscarves," or "the woman with the fancy manicure."

Women going through cancer treatments may find that they lose some weight. Rather than moping about in sweats or ill-fitting attire for the entire course of treatment, women should purchase at least a few attractive and comfortable clothing items. Women can use accessories to create many outfits from a few basic clothing pieces.

Women should also remember that cancer treatments might affect skin tone. Going to a department store for a makeover will ensure that women with cancer are still wearing the proper shades and colors of make-up.  Women who have taken a leave of absence from their jobs need not apply full make-up each day, since lighting at home is much more forgiving than most harsh office lighting.  A tinted moisturizer, some blush for color, lipstick and mascara will help a cancer patient still feel feminine without taking too much energy to apply.

Part of a woman's nature is the desire to feel attractive and feminine. While a woman dealing with cancer may not feel as attractive as she once was, having a positive attitude and making an effort with her appearance will go a long way toward making her feel prettier. Feeling beautiful will then lead to more positive thoughts and a healthier attitude, which will then help her conquer her illness.