Monday, 3 October 2011

Hair: My Hair Routine

Hello Beauties<3

So i thought i would do a how to or best way to wash and condition your hair post! Just because i know a lot of people have the same issues with dry ends but oily roots?! Anyways here is just what i do to keep my hair conditioned and healthy and non oily!

For shampooing i use Dove Damage therapy. This shampoo smells so yummy, and fresh. So i first start by getting all of my hair wet then turn off the shower and add (depends on the length of your hair) about a quarter size or more to the palm of my hand, i then start at the top of my head and work it into my roots and about half way down stopping at my ears. I NEVER pass my ears (unless my hair is really dirty) because shampoo tends to be drying no matter what brand you use. I then rinse.

 On to conditioner. I use Dove Damage therapy Conditioner. I love doves products they smell great and do moisturize. After i have rinsed my hair from shampoo i then squeeze out excess water from my hair and apply a a quarter size or more and then apply in from my ears down. I never apply conditioner to the top of my head just to stop the oiliness. I then leave it on for 2-3 minutes and rinse fully.

after i towel dry my hair i take a leave in conditioner, i use Milkshake leave in whipped conditioner. I apply a small amount into my hand and then put it through my hair starting from my ends to my roots. Your ends should always be moisturize. After that you can blow dry and style.

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