Thursday, 1 December 2011

Beauty Mint ; have you signed up?

Hello Beauties<3

I am not sure if everyone has heard of another sister company to jewel mint, but if you have you don't need to read on! 

Beauty Mint, a new monthly subscription (39.99-49.99$) company that produces skin care products. Jessica Simpson, singer/actress and Nerida Joy, skin care expert, have joined together to create the perfect skin care package for you guys!

Here is some more info straight from

Jessica's BeautyMint collaboration with Nerida Joy brings this philosophy to skin care. Though Jessica has access to the world's best skin care products and treatments, she believes that expensive doesn't always mean effective. In BeautyMint, she discovered the value of personalized skin care that matches targeted solutions with specific skin issues and goals. Now, she wants to share her discovery with you.

Just like the other "mint" companies you also take a quiz and then you get skin care products that are fit for your skin! 

Are you signing up?

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