Tuesday, 15 November 2011

elf studio brush review

Hello beauties<3

I have been using elf's studio brushes for a while now so my opinion i believe is fair!
I have the Blush Brush,Powder brush,Stippling Brush,and Complexion Brush

From left to right --- Stippling brush, Powder brush, Complexion Brush, Blush brush
I also have the face kabuki brush

Face Kabuki

Most are good, such as my favorite for applying liquid foundation is the flat top powder brush. I'd say if you are on a budget get this brush (3$). The blush brush is small and i have used it for contouring but its not the best. the complexion brush i have used for blush but again not the best. the stippling brush is the worst out of all. I have used it for foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighting, but the only way i can use it and it works would be applying my translucent powder after foundation. All of the studio brushes run for 3.00$ a good value for soft brushes that don't shed from my experience. The kabuki face brush is so soft and i love to use it for travel and to apply powder with. this brush runs for 5.00$

you can buy elf products here


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