Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Products I regret buying

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So as November comes to an end, i wanted to do products i regret buying post just in case you were thinking of getting some of these!


Products pictured;

Micheal Todd Cosmetics (can't remember what this palette was called) -- but you could find it on his website. As you can see in the picture part of it broke... and i have barley used it?! and this ran for 50.00$?! The colors are pretty nice from a far but when swatched there was barley any pigment. and the blush was SUPER shimmer and very powdery. So this was a complete miss!

NYX Round Lipstick (Athena) -- So i got a bunch of NYX round lipsticks a while ago but just started to test this color out and it was not what i was expecting. It has a pearl finish and it comes off as a super light shimmery pink shade, which i do not care for in lipsticks, but maybe you do! It is still super creamy, but just not for me.

 ELF cream blush (heart breaker) -- I was really excited to try ELF's cream blush, because i rarely use cream blushes. But i was disappointed in the application. It has a weird "foam" like feeling, if that makes sense, and when i applied it and blended it as you can see in the picture chunks of product were left behind? weird. Pigmentation was good, but not a good cream blush.

Lancome mini eye shadow set -- Well theres not much to say since i couldn't even swatch them because there was no pigment!! I was expecting a lot from lancome and for the price i thought they would be amazing e/s. It comes with 2 matte colors (white/tan color and taupe brown) and 2 shimmer colors (pink and black) the only one that was OK was the pink shimmery one, but i would never use it. SO this was a miss

Annebelle Smudge Paint (Skyline) -- I thought this was going to be amazing! (I didn't purchase this, it was in my November Glymm Box) I tried to use it as an eye liner because thats one of the uses for this, but it barley showed its true color as it shows in a swatch. I was really hoping to love this because i love the blue color! It runs for 10.95$ but i would not go purchase another color!

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  1. Ah, the super light shimmery shade is definitely not a favorite:) Too bad, because it looks so cute in the tube!!!!! Great blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)